10 May 2011


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I was asked for my opinion on this since I am the Tax Collector in nearby Upper Uwchlan Township.  For what it’s worth, Ms. Holderness’ methods make sense to me and take all municipal tax variations into account.  West Vincent does appear to be highly taxed, no matter how one looks at it.


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There seems to be some discussion in our township on how high our taxes are....here are statements from 2 of the candidates....I know what I think....you decide....

If I may sumarize, Holderness believes that you can determine the level of taxes simply by dividing the total tax paid by the number of inhabitants producing a figure of tax paid per head.  She obtained this per capita figure from the State of Pennsylvania's website.  This shows West Vincent to have the highest tax per capita in Chester County, some 15% higher than the next on the list and 5 times higher than than the lowest on the list.

Trolier does not agree that total tax paid per person is good way to asses tax levels and suggests that it is more accurate to use a figure of percentage tax on income and property and as far as I can understand suggests that the reason the 'per capita' tax is high in West Vincent is simply because incomes and property values in West Vincent are high.

I hope I have been fair to both candidates, but please read their attached statements and make your own decision.

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