20 April 2011


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Now I'll address some remarks made by Clare Quinn at the township meeting on 2/14/2011

Her transcript, although not exactly the same as the speech she gave (compare it to the video), grossly misrepresents what I stated. She must be taking lessons from the Township Manager, Jim Wendelgass. Remember, this could be you being misrepresented at some point, so be aware.

I could not cut an paste it from the minutes, it is a disaster to look at in Word, so here is the link to the minutes, so you can follow along:


She never addresses the issue of how Sam and Eleanor Morris were indeed the powerhouses that started the Trust. Of course not, because this is a different group of people. Forget about the Founders. They have discounted them and thrown away their memory. This group, led by Clare Quinn, could be compared to an adolescent child's disrespect for a parent.

First, I merely questioned the $5000 “donation” to the French and Pickering Conservation Trust. I NEVER said it went to anyone's salary. I simply asked. In fact, what I said was, “Would that be to help pay Clare Quinn and Pam Brown's salaries? Just wondering out loud.” She goes on to state where the money goes but shows no proof.

She states I find it interesting that Clare both works for the Trust and is a Supervisor. The e-mail she is referring to doesn't say anything of the sort. I merely point it out that she is both. In fact, the quote is:

"There has been a nice article published in the DLN about the French and Pickering Trust, run by Clare Quinn.  Clare is also a supervisor with West Vincent Township

Here is the link  http://dailylocal.com/articles/2011/01/29/news/srv0000010784513.txt?viewmode=fullstory

As I have said before be sure to read the comments."

But since she said that, it is interesting, isn't it? She works for the Trust which has business dealings with the Township. She should pick one or the other. This is no different than being a Contractor and having your company work for the township while you are Supervisor. Too much interconnection is never good in government. It leads to corruption. Dealmaking. Hiding of actions. Misrepresenting what is said. Well, I guess we are on our way, then, aren't we?

I never mentioned anything about the Trust being chosen to place easements on land after a competitive bidding process, which Clare says I might find interesting. But we shouldn't have an employee of the Trust near the pursestrings of taxpayer money if her company is involved with the township. Period. End of story. This is why we are paying $5000 for French and Pickering Trust to look at a giant open field right on Route 401with a little swampland woods ONCE A YEAR and get a fat check for $5000 of our taxpayers money. $5000. Say it with me. $5000. FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS. And about the bidding process being documented in the minutes? Clare never said where, whose minutes or when, let alone supply the minutes. So it may be true, it may not.

Clare does finally quote me properly when I said that she was either untruthful or inept when she said property values in the township went up in 2008. She explains by saying the information came from a Philadelphia Inquirer article dated 10/31/2008 that West Vincent Property sale values for most of the year were 23% higher than the preceding year. She parsed the article. While it does talk about the houses that sold in the township selling for higher than last year, it doesn't reflect the article. Here it is:


Interestingly, Clare is a person that believes we should have lower income housing in our township, all the while bragging about a few homes selling above average prices, in the $620,000 range! We have that lower income housing already, don't we? Clare, Ken and Zoe gave us Miller Towers on Nantmeal Road. That is also our source of some of the best 911 calls we have had in the township. Fights, drugs, weapons. Thank you Clare, Zoe and Ken!

Here are some interesting things to read about Miller Towers (Oxford Rise):

Every historical chart, and I posted one in one of my e-mails, has shown the plummeting of purchase prices in the area. Good thing she used a 30 month old article instead of a tool that could analyze the market conditions after all the information was in. This woman runs your township!

This e-mail is getting way to long so I am going to shortcut the rest of this as best as I can.

She did indeed abandon the Coventry House. The operation moved from that location while she was in charge. I never said that it wasn't land preserved, that isn't the issue. Sam worked hard to acquire that property which reflected the beliefs and direction of F & P. I think maybe the new strip store style location aptly reflects the new attitude, so maybe it's better this way.

I never said there was a bloated bureaucratic staff. I said “It has become a bloated, bureaucratic operation with a huge committee base and salaries to support.” It was all volunteer when the Morris' ran it, and now there is a big group of people operating it and a couple salaries to boot! The downfall of so many operations, not just the F&P is when they become overwhelmed with committees or a large Board of Directors. Decisions become murky. It is really a shame that so many start out so noble and end up defunct, only to be picked up by places like the Natural Lands Trust. There was nothing incorrect about what I said.

I could address many other things in this response from Clare but again, I cannot dwell too long lest I will lose my audience. I just want to point out, once again, the half truths of your local government. Watch your money because it's going quickly. Clare, Zoe and Ken raised your taxes 25% and is running for Supervisor May 17. Tell the Supervisors and the candidates they support how you feel that day in the voting booth.

Clare, Zoe and Ken raised your taxes 25% and Clare is running for Supervisor. Ken is the Chairman of Clare's Re-Election campaign. It is no wonder why he isn't the treasurer, given all of his non-payment of taxes. Zoe supports Katherine Trolier and David Brown. She assures us they will carry on the traditions of local government you have now. That is reason enough to not support them on May 17.

My Recommendations?

Republican Ticket
Maria Holderness: Accountant
Richard Malasics: Very successful local business owner

Democrat Ticket
Jeff Hester: Retired Teacher, Masters Degree in Administration

These are all qualities we need to run our local government. Maybe then we won't need the excessive tax increase in the General Fund.

Tell the Supervisors and the candidates they support how you feel May 17 in the voting booth. It's your money, it's our Township, not theirs.

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