14 February 2011


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There has been a nice article published in the DLN about the French and Pickering Trust, run by Clare Quinn.  Clare is also a supervisor with West Vincent Township

Here is the link  http://dailylocal.com/articles/2011/01/29/news/srv0000010784513.txt?viewmode=fullstory
As I have said before be sure to read the comments.

And speaking of comments, I have a couple of my own.

Sam Morris was a well respected attorney and farmer in Northern Chester County. He was also a long term State Democrat Representative that was well supported by both Democrats and Republicans. He and his wife started the French and Pickering Conservation Trust and built it into a powerful non-profit dedicated to historic preservation and land conservation. One of Sam's great feats was when the Morris Family celebrated the bi-centennial with the purchase of Coventry House. French and Pick was well organized and efficient, not the Mom and Pop operation that Clare Quinn makes it sound. In fact, back then, it didn't have to do with being connected, networking and belonging to just for bragging rights, as it is now.

Sam must be turning in his grave right now. Clare Quinn has abandoned Coventry House (aka Coventry Hall), the former historic headquarters of the French and Pick, which was home to the IronMaster of historic Coventry Forge. They have moved into a modern building. They are trying to sell the Coventry House which would break Sam's heart. They also had a donation given to them years ago in Birchrunville, the Zuber Property, an historic grist mill. It has around 50 acres and several apartments (it is questionable if they were legally installed) and income producing. The owners GAVE it to the French and Pick. The French and Pick are trying to liquidate it.

In a press release dated 5/21/2009 written by Donna Brennan, quotes Cary Leptuck, Board Chair as saying "Historic Preservation is no longer part of the Trust's mission", thereby ABANDONING the original mission set up by two of the most respected people in Chester County in the last century.

The organization is losing donors. Why? The economy and the realization that the operation that Clare Quinn is the executive director of is not the same as when the Morris' ran it. It has become a bloated, bureaucratic operation with a huge committee base and salaries to support.  French and Pick has not even updated it's donor list on its website since 2009, for good reason.

Your tax dollars recently went to propping up the operation. That's right. West Vincent township donated $5000 to French and Pick in January. $5000. Would that be to help pay Clare Quinn and Pam Brown's salaries? Just wondering out loud. Wait, West Vincent gave $5000 to the organization that one of the West Vincent Supervisors (Clare Quinn) operates? That's interesting, isn't it?

The last line of the article quotes Clare Quinn as saying  "West Vincent only lately began to see any dropping in property values.  And even though the real estate bubble had burst by 2008, the township's property value actually went up."

The first comment in the comment section of the Daily Local article posts a link  http://www.zillow.com/local-info/PA-West-Vincent-Township-home-value/r_397670/  from zillow.com which, once again, proves that Clare Quinn and others like her either can't tell the truth or are too inept understand finances and the economy.

The last question would be this. Did the West Vincent Land Trust have a legal right to give away property paid for by the taxpayers who voted for a referendum to acquire properties and Transferable Development Rights without asking permission of those same voters?

Remember, these people know that the average voter doesn't know what is going on. I'm trying to change that.

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