8 February 2011


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Today I give you current information on Ken Miller's debts.

Back in August last year the Daily Local ran an item Residents deserve quality leaders

"The revelation that Supervisor Ken Miller is classified as a tax delinquent for multiple years is most troubling news for West Vincent Township residents. Any elected official who cannot run their personal finances successfully, cannot convince anyone that the township is run any better."
There are 41 comments which are well worth while reading in addition to the article itself.

Ken Miller has another judgment against him which I had missed.  A lien was put against him by the Commonwealth of PA Department of Revenue for $27,992.98 dated 3/16/2010  Case #2010 - 02949 - LN at https://epin.chesco.org/Prothonotary/cv_CaseSearch.aspx  Unfortunately you need to subscribe to chescopin at $10 per month to access these pages, so in case you don't know anyone who subscribes I attach 2 pages with the judgment details. (Hit your browser back button to get back here after accessing the pages) Page 1 and Page 2 (If the pages are a bit small, hitting ctrl+ several times will increase the size on most browsers)

He initially owed West Vincent taxes back to 2001. He now only owes back to 2003. Originally, he owed $50909.41. Currently he owes $38089.49.   (He owes the County $5667.56, School Tax $28842.38, and Local West Vincent Tax $3579.55.) 

His debt to Growmark, (a seed and fertilizer company) $51,827.56 from the Spring of 2009 is probably still be out there (originally listed in the Daily Local News)

In summary:
Local taxes                      $38,089                         
Commonwealth of PA     $27,993       
Growmark                       $51,828
Total current debts         $117,910 (the greater part being unpaid taxes)

Ken Miller has a part time job with WVT which generates a salary of $24,865.00 plus insurance for his family worth over $16,000.   In addition he has a mowing contract with the Township which was executed 3 times in the 2010 season (although the contract allowed for only two) at $3000 each time.  So in 2010 he received a total $49,865 in payment and benefits from the Township to whom he owes $3579.55 in taxes dating back to 2003.

Quote of the week
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