20 January 2011


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Now to the really important stuff.  I trust Christmas was fine for you and that your kids, grandkids, whatever, had some great presents and everyone had a great time. Also I give you my very best wishes for the New Year.  In the short run I hope that those of you who are so inclined did not wake on New Years Day with too great a hangover.

As far as New Year Resolutions go, I think we all wish to see an open and honest administration in West Vincent Township.  I think that a normal administration, whilst they may not welcome an 'eye opening' newsletter such as mine, would be more concerned in putting right any wrongs that I may note.  But the response from WVT seem more concerned in shutting me down rather than correcting any wrongs.  I heard that again Zoe was consulting with the Police Department on ways to shut me down.

If anyone is passing my newsletter on to the administration (and no reason why they should not, we have free speech don't we?)  then please pass on this message.  I started with plan A, which ceased after someone (I wonder who?) reported me for sending out spam.  I moved on to plan B which currently is working fine.  Although it seems that my advice that I am not sending spam has been accepted so I could go back to plan A if I wanted.   But I also have plans  C, D, E, etc.  In the end plan Z will involve me in sending out each email individually from one or more of the many email addresses I have set up for this eventuality.  So Zoe, Ken, whoever, please do not waste more township money in trying to shut me down.  You won't do it.  All that you will do is waste my time and give me an excuse to make another rant.  Best you can hope for is that people get so fed up with my rants they ask to unsubscribe. (to do that write to chestercountynews@gmail.com)

I just told you Pam Brown got lots of money from the township for TDRs then built a house there.  I think I should mention that Pam is West Vincent Open Space Advisory Committee Chairperson and West Vincent Environmental Advisory Committee Member and also the  Conservation Director of the French and Pickering Conservation Trust
whose mission statement is “To preserve and protect endangered land and natural resources in the northern Chester County watersheds for future generations.  One would think that with credentials like that she would be the first person to look after the preservation of open spaces.   But it seems her own personal interest can easily usurp those responsibilities.   Clare Quinn, supervisor at WVT, is the executive director of the French and Pickering Conservation Trust and Pam's boss.  Seems like it is all connected.
Here is a photo of the house that Pam built, taken from the road. 
Isn't she lucky that the township helped pay for it?   The property looked like natural woods as you drove down Jaine Lane before the TDR payment. Now you can see the new house, and business activity from the road. It is hard to imagine what development we have been protected from by the payment of $102,800.

And here is the garage, barn and original house.

This house includes barn, garage and swimming pool.  The garage is used as a base for her son who runs a fencing business there called Chester Springs Fence Co. (www.chesterspringsfence.com
which of course is not allowed in a residential area.  If you reverse phone number for Chester Springs Fence Co, (610-469-0950) on www.411.com, it will come up with the address of 1072 Jaine Lane.  The house is described as an 'accessory dwelling'  of 2000 sq ft.   Accessory Dwellings were intended to be small houses built on farms for farm hands or a maintenance person. )

Is that what anyone would have thought to be the result when she had been paid $102,800 for what any normal person would have thought to not build there?   $102,800
divided by the  2000 population figures works out to be $32.40 that she was paid by every man woman and child in WVT not to build there.  But of course.  She did not subdivide.  She did not build a new building but an "accessory dwelling".  Apparently not the same thing at all............And apparently, legal.  But not exactly conforming to the spirit of the thing.
She chopped down trees which housed deer, squirrels and owls. All the wildlife has had it's habitat greatly reduced.
Here are aerial shots of her land before

And after.  Wow.  Notice the house lower left?  Where there used to be all trees?  More trees have been removed from this property since the time of this picture.


To check out the before and after views for yourself you will need to have Google Earth installed, I think you may need to update to the latest version 6.  On running Google Earth you will see top left a blank under Fly to.  Enter Jaine Lane, Chester Springs, PA and you will fly straight to Pam's property, as it was in April this year, with the new house.   Hover your mouse over the shadowy image upper right then Zoom in using the plus button.  Note that lovely big new house. The date the photo was taken 4/12/2010 is shown bottom left of the image.  Click on 1992 and you see a pretty poor image of the property as it was in the winter in 1992.  But now a shadowy bar will have opened on the image top left.  Hover your mouse over it.  You will see something like '>l'  and when you hover it will say 'travel forward in time'  With each click on the '>l' you will move forward to the next time a photo was taken.  After working that lot out it is probably time for a coffee.  It was for me anyway.........

Here is the description, from the West Vincent Zoning book that describes what TDR's are to protect. "Permanently preserve resources considered important to the Township, including agricultural lands, prime agricultural soils, environmentally sensitive resources, open lands, and visual resources through the establishment of designated sending zones by which development rights may be sold in lieu of development."

So there you are.

Quote of the week (well, before Christmas)
"Have a good holiday season and look forward to hearing more in the new year. But please consider changing your signature line: Chickenman sounds too demeaning.  You are helping the community by letting us know all the dealings and patronage that goes on with the Birchrunville crowd and it will go along way to defeating them in the next elections."

As usual, if you want to be on or off my list, or have some comments or suggestions, please let me know.  Feel free to forward this email on to anyone you think might be interested.  Especially though, if you don't want to continue to receive my mails, please tell me. I'll take you off the list and confirm that I have done so.   Write to ChesterCountyNews@gmail.com   (Don't just  hit reply because if you do the reply just bounces back to you as undeliverable, and I don't get to see it. I'm still working on this problem!)

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