19 December 2010

I read this in the comments section of the Daily News and was intrigued.  No wonder Pam Brown was smiling in that photo I showed you recently.

I think I would be smiling if somebody just gave me $102,800 as a recompense
not to subdivide my land, then later gave me permission to build a 2,000 sq ft house with a garage, swimming pool, and even a business running from that garage.

See the reference for the payment  in the West Vincent Township minutes 14 January 2008
http://www.westvincenttwp.org/.  It was approved by Ken Miller and Zoe Perkins.  No other supervisors were present.

TDR by the way stands for Transferable Development Rights.  The concept is to take readily develop-able ground and sell the development rights to the Township so that the ground is protected in perpetuity.  West Vincent Township pays $25,700 per TDR.

Pam owns 2.9 acres on the North side of Jaine Lane, doubtful if anyone could build there due to potentially wet areas, but she got a TDR for that area. 
She also owns 10 acres on the south side, which could be divided into 2 lots of 5 acres according to the zoning for that locale. Normally the property would receive 2 TDRs since it could only be two lots (under the best conditions) due to the zoning. 

For some reason Pam got 3 TDRs for the 10 acres making 4 in all.  So it seems like she really got two more TDR's than might normally have been expected.  Worth $51,400 more than might have been expected. 
That's $20 from each man, woman, child in WVT............

But that's all I've written for the moment.  For more on the story, photos etc, you'll have to await my next epistle.  After Christmas.
   Have a super Christmas!

I received several emails after my last newsletter.  Here's one

Love what you are doing here.  These officials are as corrupt as the day is long.  We need to vote the two knuckleheads out and then throw Ken off the Road Master job.  He's a crook and a cheat and has been feeding at the trough for way to long.
Keep up the good work.

I can't say I disagree.  I don't think I would have put it as strongly as that but there you are.

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All my very best wishes for a superb Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Forget politics etc for the moment!  Just do a great Christmas...............(Heck - that's what it's about!)

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