15 November 2010


Nothing really much to say just at this moment so I'm back to giving you a link to the Daily Local. Great local paper, if you don't already you should support it, like the township does.  Oh they don't did someone say?  They send their ads elsewhere because it's cheaper?    Well of course it's cheaper.  Not so many local people read that paper.  So not so many people discover what's happening.  So not so many questions.  That's good isn't it?

From the Daily Local

West Vincent OKs zoning ordinance

WEST VINCENT  Despite some opposition from a few members of the public, the board of supervisors unanimously approved a comprehensive zoning ordinance that had been in the works for about three years. Township Manager James Wendelgass said that...

To discover more about why there was some opposition from a few members of the public, please read the comments.

So that's it.  Only a small rant and no questioning about the snow clearance contract without a bid or performance bond - so far - so I'll sign out with some statistics following my last mailing

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