27 October


It seems my last posting got a response from the township!  I'll quote:

"It has come to the Township’s attention that you may have been sent another anonymous email regarding Township business.  That email claims that the author was “told” by another anonymous source"

Actually it was sources, plural.

"that two Township Supervisors met in executive session on a Sunday"

No I did not say that.  I said "if it was a meeting".   I asked "were they having a meeting?"and I said "it could have just been coincidence."  If anyone misunderstood all that and thought I was saying that they definitely did have a meeting then I apologise.  I thought I was being clear enough.

"and that the meeting was “not legally allowed”.  Unfortunately, like the information which was distributed in a number of prior emails, the contents of this message are just plain wrong."

Ah.  I wonder by prior emails with contents "just plain wrong" if they are referring to the links to newspaper reports I have quoted?  Or maybe the various legal judgements I have quoted?  Or possibly they are thinking of the photo of the backhoe sitting in Brachwitz's front yard when he said it wasn't there?  Or the questions I asked about the snow removal contract?  I can't think of anything else I have written about. Where was I "just plain wrong" ?

"First, the Township Supervisors can meet in executive session at any time and the only requirement is that the meeting and its purpose be announced at a regular Supervisors’ meeting. "

Ah, that's not quite the full story.   The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Sunshine Act (Open Meeting Act) requires an announcement of the executive session BEFORE it takes place.  The PURPOSE of the meeting may be announced at the subsequent open meeting but the announcement of the meeting itself must be made previously. Except in an emergency.  See  http://www.openrecordspa.org/sunshine.html

If - and I stress if - if there was a meeting then it was not legally allowed, since there was no prior public notification. Certainly it was not an emergency, and was not so declared afterwards.

"The Township has and continues to follow this practice.  Second, the anonymous source was just wrong:  no such meeting ever happened at the Township Building or anywhere else on that Sunday.  Moreover, no Supervisor visited the Township Building that day."

Well, they would say that wouldn't they.

I stand by what I said, no more, no less.  Sadly, I don't have photos.

On my other point, I have not received one single correction to my note about budgeted legal costs for WV and the neighbouring townships, showing WVT legal costs were some 10 times higher per head than the neighboring townships, although in their mail the Township did seem to be, somewhat obliquely, trying to discredit it when they said  "the contents of this message are just plain wrong." Are they suggesting my figures are wrong?  They could be wrong. I did ask, "somebody correct me if I'm wrong please"

I will make one sort of correction, myself.  Since 2000 all the townships have shown large increases in population, exact numbers will not be known until the 2010 census reports are published, but my guess would be that all the townships will have shown a somewhat similar increase.  So that the net effect will be to reduce the cost per head for each township by shall we say 30%.  Or whatever.

You may notice that (possibly) I am sending from a different address.  Somebody (I wonder who?) blocked my account claiming I was sending out spam.  Whoever it was, I guess they are afraid of the truth. 

As usual, if you want to be added to my mailing list, or if you know someone who should be on my mailing list, or if you want to be taken off the list, please tell me, it will be done.  I've added Tammy Swavely to the list myself (Hi Tammy) so that she can see first hand what I write, and maybe not get it wrong next time. 

I must stress.  If you want to be taken off this list it is ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEM!   Just ask!

Best Wishes
West Vincent Infos

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