17 October

Hi all

I'm told that s
ome 3 or 4 hours after my last email about snow clearance both Clare Quinn and Ken Miller's cars were in the parking lot of the township building.  They are not normally at the township building on a Sunday.  Were they having an urgent meeting?  Maybe it was not connected with my email, it could have just been coincidence.  But I'm presuming that if it was a meeting it was urgent, since such meetings are legally not allowed, and there was a proper supervisors meeting scheduled for the next day.

Talking about the law, I was interested in a comment in the Daily Local on the
6th September last where I noticed that 'Uh huh' remarked

Seems to me that I saw somewhere that West Vincent Township attorney bills are way above the norm. Like double what other townships are paying. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong please."

That intrigued me.  I took a look at the web sites of all the neighboring townships.  I looked up their latest population figures, and the amount they had put in their budgets for legal costs and calculated the legal cost per head. Here are the numbers I found.

                              2000 census   budget  legal              legal costs
                              population        costs 2010                 per head
West Vincent          3170                    $130,000                    $41.00
East Vincent           5493                    $22,000                        $4.05
South Coventry      1895            Not shown or not found
West Pikeland        3551                    $23,500                        $6.60
East Pikeland         6551                    $41,000                        $6.25
East Nantmeal        1787            Not shown or not found
Upper Uchwlan       6850                    $25,000                        $3.65

I don't think I need to make any comment on these figures, except to remark  that the budgeted amounts are only the expected expenditures.  The final costs may be more, or less.  And they are only the estimates that I could find on the websites.  There may have been more estimated expenditures under different headings that I did not find.

I looked but could not find any actual expenses for previous years.

I'll echo 'Uh huh' and ask, somebody correct me if I am wrong please.  If the information seems correct and noteworthy, I'll tell you.

As usual, if you want to be added to my mailing list, or if you know someone who should be on my mailing list, or if you want to be taken off the list, please tell me, it will be done.  There's more still to come.

Best wishes
West Vincent Infos.

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