30 august


Once more, here are some items in the Daily Local worthy of perusal.  As previously I'll request that you do read the article and all the comments, think about it, and make up your own mind.  I am sorry there is so much to read, but if you have any interest at all in local affairs you really should read everything. 
It's yours, and your family's, future at stake.

24th August
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25th August
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25th August
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29th August
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On August 25th at 10 am, in one of the comments on the first link above, 'man at the top' (could 'man at the top' actually be Karl Brachwitz himself?) wrote
"Dave Monteith most recently tried to discredit former supervisor and fine citizen Karl Brachwitz with a false report of a missing piece of construction equipment on his property. This was investigated by the police and discovered to be unfounded."

Well here's a photo of the backhoe that
Chief Swininger didn't see in Brachwitz's front yard, taken the morning of the day he visited, 2nd August.   Brachwitz  was forewarned and it had been taken away on a lowboy before Chief Swininger got there.

For some reason the reference to the photo was pulled from the Daily Local comments.  Well, here it is for all to see.

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