23 August

Did you see this opinion in the Daily Local?


As before, please be sure to read the 27 (to date) comments.

And this item, Roses and Thorns?


Speaking of comments, there have been more comments on the 2 Daily Local articles I mentioned before

http://www.dailylocal.com/articles/2010/08/11/news/doc4c61c9fa2beab957480630.txt now 57 comments


http://www.dailylocal.com/articles/2010/08/12/news/srv0000009075872.txt now 103 comments

By the way.......
Several people have written to ask me to continue sending out this information and to be sure to keep them on the list.  No problem!   A few - 6 in all - have asked me to stop sending them the information.  OK.  Ostriches bury their heads in the sand too. (But they won't be reading this - they've already gone.)   On the other hand, if you know of someone who would be interested to see reminders about the Daily Local, or other subjects as they occur, please let me know,  I'll add them to my circulation list, which, unlike the township list, will never be published.  If you have some information that you think may be of general interest, please let me know also.  I'll check it out, and, if suitable, I'll circulate it. 

PS.  The meeting tonight should be interesting.   Why not go too?

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